April 8, 2020

Born out of the Great Depression in 1930, The Heritage Group has survived several significant global events over the past 90 years. We are a family business, and in times of crisis, families come together. That’s how I look at the ONE Heritage Fund. It’s the essence of who we are, showing genuine care and concern, not just for our businesses, but also for the people and families who put their trust in us.

We created the ONE Heritage Fund in 2017 to support our employees following a natural disaster or unforeseen hardship. The fund is intended to assist with immediate needs, such as mortgage and rental payments, health care, food, and clothing. Our goal is to help employees “bridge the gap” until they begin receiving payments from their insurance providers or other sources of long-term assistance.

I’m reminded of Victor Morris, a process technician at Monument Chemical in Texas, whose family lost everything following the devastating floods from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. He and his wife were rescued by boat and lived out of a hotel, facing the financial burden of not having flood insurance. Through the ONE Heritage Fund, Victor and his family received housing, a rental car and other resources to help them achieve stability and focus on recovery.

So, while our businesses continue to operate, the personal impact of this change on each of you and your families weighs heavy on my heart and mind. Things we’ve taken for granted have changed drastically – going to work, dropping our kids off at school, going out to eat or even being able to find toilet paper at the grocery store. And among us, our neighbors, friends and family may be facing food insecurity, job loss and serious health concerns.

Though we have yet to see the true economic impact of this pandemic and its effects, I want to reassure you today that we are here for you. Our leadership team is positioning us to be able to weather this storm and come out even stronger on the other side. And if we do encounter some roadblocks along the way, you have a family here to help.

To emphasize our commitment to you, The Heritage Group is contributing $200,000 immediately to the ONE Heritage Fund, so that our employees have access to these funds. In addition, The Heritage Group will also match all employee donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $50,000. If you are able to give, I would ask that you thoughtfully consider doing so. All donations are tax-deductible, and this is a great way to support your fellow employees and their families. We have proven time and again that when we use our collective strength, we can always accomplish more together, and this is no exception. Any donation helps, and every donation matters to those in need in our Heritage family.

To apply for a tax-free grant, you can apply online or reach out to your human resources for direction. And if you have received help from the Fund in past, I would encourage you to share your story by emailing [email protected].  When we share, it allows others to know they are not alone – and that’s why we created the ONE Heritage Fund in the first place.

On behalf of The Heritage Group and my family, it is our honor to help those of you who work day in and day out to make this company one we can all be proud of. Please know that my thoughts continue to be with you and your families.

Be Well,


For more information about applying for a ONE Heritage Fund grant, please see the attached FAQ and qualifications or visit the following links:

ONE Heritage Fund: Financial Relief Grant Process FAQs

ONE Heritage Fund: Qualifying Event

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